1987 Ducati F1B SOLD

Steve Aspland rscycles@gmail.com
Plenty of parts - New F1B style fairing which Robbie Nigl painted, an older SS fairing, some twin exhaust system Doug Cook and I built for Bridgehampton sound check many years ago as well as a reverse megaphone for when we were not worried about noise. All the OEM parts that came on the bike from Ducati including the original wheels and bodywork are part of the package.

Paint by Robbie Nigl
All the OEM Bodywork 
There are are a few dings on it but it spent the last 30 years in a box

The seat pad, another story. It is the original base and foam from Ducati but I had worn it out and the guy who covered it thought it would be funny to add flowers.
I kept winning so I had to keep it on the bike.
Ready to race, AHRMA ready!
Bruce Myers of BCM Motors fame just freshened up the valve train. Bruce has taken care of this machine not long after I purchased it in 1987 until current. This bike is also titled in the state of CT (its first break in miles on CT back roads with Warren Elliot riding his Montjuich.

All part we removed to make it race ready are included (click on pictures for better view)

   Bike comes with multible exhausts. The Pipe mounted is new version from Loud Bikes in Canada -
A Mike Weber production.
Inspiration for the Loud Bikes Pipe came from the system pictured above built by Reno Leoni (which also comes with the bike)
OEM Muffler and open megaphone system
The Exhaust system pictured to the right was built by Doug Cook and myself to create a quiet system to run at NYs Bridgehampton raceway that made power. It worked!   
Klymenko -Flow heads
Eugene Kymenko of Yoshimura did all my heads for years from Honda to Ducati 


The very first Penske Shock for a motorcyle

I worked for Penske in the 70's and 80's and when we released these modular/rebuildable/adjustable shock systems. We displayed them at an auto race at Watkins Glenn in 1988. They were different than most shocks on the market in that you could build them to many configurations so I decided to make one up for this Ducati.

Penske did not want to release to the general motorcycle market at the time due to liability issues. I said go with motocross and prove them out, the rest is history.
I need to thank a few people who without their help all those years of racing this Ducati would have been different.

Bruce Myers of BCM - a great friend and huge supporter of racing in the US. Spent many late nights and endless hours working on this bike and others that I rode. Always built fast dependable machines and always there when needed in person or on the phone. One day I will find a way to repay him for all his help.

Mike Weber - For his help and Ducati incite over the years as well as his great stories.

Robbie Nigl of Peach Pit Painting - For his great paint jobs keeping the machine looking its best.

Pablo Real, Jimmy Adamo, Reno Leoni, Elraldo Ferracci, Eugene Klymenko, Doug Cook, Dan Frisbie, Tom Fournier - for all their help on everything from service work, acquiring parts or whole bikes, and general support and great friendship.

"If you can't win, make the fellow ahead of you break the record." - Anonymous