Our business environment has certainly changed this year. It is now time to consider online sales if you are not already involved in it. Any brick and mortar business has something that can be sold online to solve someone's problem while growing your income. It is time to start learning.

I am sure you have seen many ads out there for Funnel building applications. One thing that I did not completely understand until I got deep into it is that this is a new way to build mini-websites that may connect to your companies current site but can stand alone. This process takes the confusion away from the customer that occurs when they arrive at your site of many products. Think of it as a salesperson meeting your customer at the door and leading then to the product they are looking for and explaining it thoroughly and simply. A confused customer always says No! So what we are doing here is selling one product with maybe two related products at a time and doing it well. Create the funnel as if you are that salesperson. Who better to sell your product or service than you? - Steve A

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 - Membership sites...
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Steve Aspland
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